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MUS&SEGUI was created as an evolution of broad experience in works management, which commenced in the year 1971. Over these years, work has been performed on very diverse projects that offer broad knowledge of the sector.

Client demands due to new market situations and the complexity of regulations and procedures give rise to the creation of service companies to provide suitable replies. In 2006, we began a process of transformation to adapt to the new environment.

Our approach is based on efficacy and flexibility. Efficacy is guaranteed with the professional level of the entire company network, while flexibility is guaranteed in two ways: by adapting to the profile and the demands of the client to design a level of action suited to their needs, and by sizing the team to provide it with appropriate resources for the nature of the work commissioned.

This philosophy allows us, in all cases, to manage professional teams that are experienced and cohesive due to the frequency of our collaborations, without the need to have an oversized structure that may compromise the quality of service. Our experience participating in over 1500 projects is our guarantee.

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