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Servicios de Ingenieria adaptados

In coherence with our philosophy of flexibility, our services are always adapted to the needs of the client in each work commissioned. Conceptually, we can classify them in the following groups:


Our execution management criterion establishes not only the control of works and the quality of the work but also the prevision of all processes, to be able to plan the works, the acceptance of samples, construction systems, the clarification of details, the verification of layouts and the checking of elements, with the aim not only to offer quality but also efficiency and productivity. The main functions in this area include the following:

- Coordination with the Site Manager (architect)

- Coordination of site visits

- Control of execution

- Resolution of unplanned incidents in the

  execution of works

- Review of layouts

- Quality control

- Control of reception of materials

- Drafting of the order book

- Final works certificate



The purpose of the Full Management is to offer the client complete control of the building phase. This mission commences once the project has been finalized and concludes on termination of the works. In this way, we offer control over hiring, supervision of the financial situation, and planning and coordination of all of the parties intervening in the execution phase, in order to professionalize the figure of the developer in this phase of the project.

The main tasks that may broaden the scope of those described in the “Execution Management” section are the following:

- Design of the hiring strategy

- Works tenders

- Comparisons of offers

- Advice on hiring

- Financial control

- Control of planning

- Coordination of project drafters

- Coordination of collaborators in the execution phase

- Coordination of industrial workers


The aim of the Project management is to perform full management of the entire works on behalf of the owner, from the start of the project up to the operational roll-out. This is achieved not only by means of the generation and delivery of documentation but also by incorporating the monitoring, control and reception of all works, with the purpose of optimizing resources, costs and deadlines and for the latter not to be delayed in relation to the initial forecasts. From among the main tasks of the Project manager, which complete those established in the section on Full Management, the following stand out:

- A technical and economic feasibility study

- Advice on the hiring of the team for the project

- Management and control of the project 

  (Architecture / Engineering)

- Coordination of engineering

- Coordination of collaborators in the project phase

- Control of the planning in the project phase

- Audit / Advice on the project

- Processing of licenses and administrative procedures

- Operational roll-out of the building

- Coordination in the building facilities phase


In the area of health and safety in building works, both if these form part of an additional supplement to other works commissioned and in the case of independent contracts, the main works that we carry out are the following:

- Coordination of health and safety in the project phase
- Drafting of the health and safety study
- Coordination of health and safety in the execution         phase


In the context of consultancy services, in addition to all of the works described above, we can participate in the execution of different parts of a project or carry out specific procedures. We can highlight the following types of work:

- Advice on the execution of projects
- Project audits
- Cost studies
- Measurement status
- Quality control
- Technical building inspections
- Reports
- Certificates

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